Guadalupe's Story

Guadalupe's Story

   Guadalupe Diaz (shown with her daughter) , 2007 scholarship winner, Current Ph.D candidate, Oregon State University

Originally from Michoacan Mexico, Lupe arrived in Milton Freewater in the spring of 1998. A decade later, Lupe learned of the Sister Adele Scholarship through her university’s migrant education program and she decided to apply. At the time, she was a junior at Oregon State University in Corvallis. Lupe recalls, “As a child, I watched my father go to work in the orchards picking apples, cherries, and other seasonal fruits while my mom would work at the local packing houses. They worked very hard to get me through school.”

Prior to submitting the scholarship application, Lupe was struggling with two competing priorities: continuing her undergraduate studies and dedicating more time to raising her young daughter. “I was really struggling with trying to be a good mom and a good student,” she recalls.

Nonetheless, Lupe followed through with her Sister Adele application and was grateful when she received notice that she had been selected to receive the scholarship. Lupe recalls that aside from the financial assistance she received, the emotional reward was far greater. She recalls that receiving the award validated her decision to stay in school while raising her young daughter. In Lupe’s words, “I was very happy that CASA staff believed in me. I was confident that I could keep going to school and that I did belong in college.”

In addition to being a mom, a first generation college graduate, and a current Ph.D candidate at Oregon State University, Lupe is also a proud daughter. From the day she arrived in Milton Freewater, her dad emphasized the importance of perfect school attendance. Both of her parents encouraged her to get her high school diploma, which she did from McLoughlin High School in 2004. And it all started, as Lupe recounts, “the day dad walked with me to the Library and signed for me to get my first library card. I’ll never forget that day.”