Advocacy and Transformation

Our Vision

CASA and its partners will work in broad based coalitions to advance national, state and local policies that promote investment in the economic well-being of rural and underserved communities and their residents.


Expanded resources, opportunities and access for the most vulnerable Oregonians that helps support Oregon communities as they recover from adverse economic conditions.

Goals and Strategies

Multifamily Housing & Facilities

Advocate for state and federal policies that improve opportunities to provide housing for underserved families, including farmworkers and families living in small towns and rural communities.

  • Work with national partners to support permanent programs status for USDA's rural housing preservation program.
  • Work with community partners to prioritize state funding allocations for those with the lowest incomes.
  • Plan, host and organize the 2013 Farmworker Asset and Property Management Conference. 
  • Extend the Farmworker Housing Tax Credit to 2020.

Manufactured Housing Communities

Develop an education and advocacy strategy which promotes state and federal policies that increase opportunities and resources for resident ownership.

  • Develop legislative policy recommendations, including Opportunity to Purchase legislation.
  • Support the renewal of the Oregon Affordable Housing Tax Credits.
  • Collaborate with the Housing Alliance to support issuance of lottery-backed bonds for funding resident purchases of manufactured housing communities. 

Family Economic Opportunity

Advocate at state and federal levels to improve asset-building opportunities for low income families.

  • Secure the support of Oregon's federal delegation for the Savings for Working Families Act and the Children's Savings Accounts Enact ASPIRE Act - two pieces of federal legislation that would make IDA-type programs universal and scalable. 
  • Collaborate with partners to organize and annual state conference to highlight the need for state initiatives that support asset building and financial security for low-income residents.