Community Loan Fund

CASA of Oregon received certification as a Community Development Financial Institution (CDFI) from the US Treasury in 2000. Originally designed to address the predevelopment funding needs of non-profit organizations developing affordable housing and community facilities, our CDFI has since expanded to include construction and permanent financing to eligible borrowers. Eligible borrowers are either non -profit, semi public or public entities.

Predevelopment Loans: Predevelopment loans have historically been difficult and expensive to obtain. To address this need CASA has created a product that is structured to reduce both the cost and the difficulty of receiving a predevelopment loan for eligible projects.

Construction Loans: Our construction loans are limited in amount of funding avialable and are usually made to projects that have been awarded farmworker tax credits (FWTC), where the funding of the FWTC come in at construction completion and certificates of occupancy.

Manufactured Housing Park Preservation Loans: In 2008 CASA developed a permanent loan product to provide secondary financing to resident owned communities for the purchase of their manufactured housing park (MHP). These loans provide the funding needed to complete the purchase and cover the soft costs of the closing.

Consumer Loan Pilot Program: CASA has provided financing that will allow Innovative Changes the ability to provide loans to low income individuals for adaptive technology needs. Once the Pilot is complete, we may consider expanding the program to other lenders who provide products to low income households. 

If you are interested in one of our loan products please contact our Community Loan Fund Department at (503) 537-0319 extention 316.