How does it work?

Based on the New Hampshire Community Loan Fund model for manufactured housing park preservation, and in partnership with ROC USA, CASA’s Oregon-specific model focuses on the creation of a non-profit, limited equity manufactured housing cooperative, which will allow for a resident purchase of the park.  This model typically works best for low- and fixed-income communities.

  • Membership is limited to park residents - one membership per household.
  • Members must own, not rent, their homes.
  • Members control the monthly rent.  Site rent for non-members will often be set higher than rents for members.
  • Members share equally in the decision-making.
  • The park is owned collectively by the cooperative.  Individual homeowners don’t own their individual sites. 
  • The cooperative holds the mortgage and is responsible for paying bills, property taxes, repairs, maintenance, etc.
  • Once purchased by the cooperative, the park must remain as a park and cannot be sold with the intention of redevelopment.
  • The Board of Directors manage the day-to-day operations of the cooperative.
  • Typically, membership entitles a person to lease a particular space on a long term and near-perpetual basis (at least 20 years, ideally longer) as long as they are a member in good standing.

For more information, please contact Barbara Fryer at 503.537.0319 ext. 332 or by email at