Our Programs

VIDA, Savings for Life

The VIDA Program is a collaborative of agencies offering IDAs to individuals and families.

For more information visit vidaoregon.org

For all VIDA program inquiries email IDA@casaoforegon.org

The Matched College Savings Program (MCSP) collaborative is made up of universities, community colleges, and high schools that believe every individual should be able to pursue higher education.

For more info visit: MatchedCollegeSavings.org

For all MCSP program inquiries email IDA@casaoforegon.org

Check out how CASA is helping to support our partners in building their assets with E3!

We are here to help you EARN, EDUCATE & EMPOWER!

For more info visit: E3Savings.org

For all E3 program inquiries email Lupita@casaoforegon.org