CASA Staff Profile

Lane Thompson
Family Economic Opportunity Program Enrollment Specialist
As the IDA enrollment specialist at CASA, and student loan coach at Innovative Changes, Lane serves a dual role. This suits her well, as she is passionate about consumer advocacy and protection, as well as asset building in the name of erasing the racial wealth gap.  Working one on one with student borrowers gives her the chance to support folks directly, while her enrollment work focuses on qualifying folks for our statewide IDA Network. This allows her to exercise many parts of her mind, and means that her day to day is determined by what's on the calendar, and what partners have submitted for enrollment consideration.  As a north east Portland resident, she is so happy to be here at the Lloyd Center a few days a week! 
In her free time, she likes hanging out at the park with her puppy, going to hip-hop shows, and solving the world's problems over drinks with friends.

P.S. Do you have student loans? Come get some coaching from Lane!

(503) 537-0319