CASA Staff Profile

Barbara Fryer
Real Estate Cooperative Development Manager

Barbara worked for nearly 20 years at the Beaverton City Government as a Planner. She passed a $150 million urban renewal initiative, created a tree inventory, managed $6 million in Greenspaces Funds and acquired land for that effort. 

She earned her Master’s Degree in Real Estate Development from Portland State University, and realized that working in affordable housing was the challenge that she was looking for as she interned with Innovative Housing, Inc.

Hailing from Washington State, Barbara is aWhitman College alumna. She enjoys yoga, hiking, and camping, and playing on the beach with her dogs. Friends say she is a cross between Martha Stewart and the Tool Time Guy because she enjoys quilting, knitting, and other crafts as well as using power tools to make everything from a cedar strip canoe to metal garden art sculptures.

(503) 537-0319