Celestina Teva

Celestina Teva

Project Manager & Licensed Or Principal Broker Manufactured Housing And Cooperative Development Center

Tel: (503) 687-3329

The goal of all of my work — whether volunteer community work, independent projects, or more formal employment — is to bring opportunity and new models of housing stability, ownership/stewardship, and sustenance to our community. Before coming to CASA, I spent 5+ years working in residential real estate and opened the doors of a brokerage called weave & seed, a real estate practice, doing our best to bring a new perspective and approach to residential real estate. We came to call our work the centering of earth and equity in the stewardship and handing off of home.

I came to CASA through community connections in the world of housing and the promotion of homeownership, and the work of the Manufactured Housing and Cooperative Development Center was a perfect next step for me as I continue to support models for homeownership that work for communities that have historically been and continue to be excluded from it. I bring academic backgrounds of sociology and anthropology which began my journey in centering equity, along with a personal connection to plants, animals, and la terra madre/la tierra madre (Italian/Spanish) that inform my interest in harmonizing with our environment and aligning with the long-term. I practice carrying a grounded, understanding, and collaborative approach as I put my analytical and practical mind to work for good.