Grant Hook

MHCDC Technical Assistance Provider

Tel: (503) 687-3304

Hello there! My name is Grant. I was born in Portland and have lived in Oregon my entire life of 33 years. I grew up with separated parents and split time between living in North Portland, and Beaverton. Growing up, I often relied on mentorship from adults to help guide me through the instability I experienced as a youth. Often these mentors showed up as Sports coaches, teachers, and school counselors. I credit them with changing the trajectory of my life, for truly seeing me, and giving support when I felt alone.

Now as an adult, I have a continued passion for mentorship, with a particular focus on mental and physical health. In my free time, I like to host community-driven organized basketball programs, which I am excited to say have started to return, as cases of COVID-19 (for the moment) are lowering. Aside from my passion for mentorship, and basketball. I am a devout Trail Blazer fan and dog-dad to my “Rottsky” puppy named Joel. Joel and I love to go on hikes, and looking forward to some camping this summer!

In my professional career, I began working right out of high school, at a retail store called Zumiez. In my time in retail, I found many more mentors who continued to develop me as a professional, and mentor to others. After working for Zumiez for over 8 years, I began working for the State of Oregon at the DMV. This provided more stability in my life allowing me to start my journey pursuing my personal passions. I began volunteering with various non-profits in youth groups, and community basketball programs. The natural next step for me was to begin working for the Boys and Girls Clubs of Portland (BGCP) for whom I had been volunteering. This role allowed me to develop skills working with youth, and receive formal training on how to be a youth development professional. During my time at BGCP, my role shifted to working for the Administration team as the Volunteer Manager. I am now excited to find myself starting a new opportunity with CASA of Oregon, and can’t wait to get to know you all more!