Yvette Perez-Chavez

IDA Specialist for Innovative Changes Current Savers

Yvette is a Portland State University graduate with a background in sociology. She has always been interested in equity and helping those that have been traditionally undeserved. She discovered her passion when she began studying the intersections between race and higher education. After learning about the disparities in degree attainment, Yvette committed herself to helping break that cycle through mentorship and volunteering.

At both institutions she attended she served as a Peer Mentor, helping students navigate their academic journey and continued this work after graduating by serving as a College Coach through AmeriCorps with the nonprofit organization College Possible.

Over the last several years Yvette became more aware and interested in the racial wealth gap which led her down the path of asset building. Being a recipient of financial empowerment services herself she understood the impact they can have.