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Investing in Community

Community and Shelter Assistance (CASA of Oregon) works alongside community organizations to provide programs and resources that strengthen families’ financial well-being


Manufactured housing parks preserved


People made a life-changing purchase


Affordable housing units developed


Lent for affordable housing and preservation

Funding for Life Goals

We help Oregonians become homeowners, college graduates and business owners through financial education and Individual Development Accounts (IDAs) that provide matching funds for savers.

Real Estate Development

As an affordable housing developer, we partner with trusted local organizations to construct and renovate affordable housing, and create community services such as health and childcare centers.

Community Loan Fund

We are certified by the U.S. Treasury Department as a Community Development Financial Institution (CDFI). We secure funding for predevelopment of affordable housing, as well as construction and permanent financing.

Manufactured Housing Cooperative Development

We help people purchase their manufactured home communities by securing the necessary financing, and provide technical assistance to help them form resident-owned cooperatives.

Are you an individual or family?

CASA of Oregon supports the financial needs of families and individuals. Whether you need funding for your college education, business, or home, we offer funding options that support your goals.

Are you a partner or sponsor?

CASA of Oregon seeks partnerships with organizations that share its vision of providing underserved communities with access to funding and resources across the Northwest.

News & Resources

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On a chilly December day, residents of the Two Rivers Homeowners Cooperative received a very important guest: Oregon Governor Tina…

“It’s Life-changing”

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“I moved to Portland from Baltimore with my spouse and my kids. A year or so later, my spouse and…
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