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At CASA of Oregon, we are a mix of advocates, organizers, direct service providers, and agents for change working throughout the state of Oregon. Our most recent organization chart offers a glimpse into how we’re structured. Be sure to follow us on Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter for postings of job openings here and at other Oregon organizations. To view our current staff benefit summaries click here.

Communications Manager

The principal tasks of the Communications Manager are to develop, manage and maintain a communications strategy that will inform partners, funders, recipients of our work, and the broader community about the work we do and the impact it has. This position will work to ensure that we tell our story in a variety of formats to all our stakeholders in a timely and relevant way.  This position serves as the primary contact for all communications and marketing of the organization.

Manufactured Housing & Cooperative Development Center & Real Estate Development Asset Manager

The principal tasks of the Asset Manager are to maintain project and partnership compliance requirements, help provide for the long term health of Resident Owned Cooperatives (ROCs) and of CASA’s small real estate portfolio. This position will work to ensure that all properties and cooperatives maintain a strong financial position; comply with all contractual; statutory and regulatory requirements; timely reporting that is accurate through both internal and external communications. This position serves as the primary contact for cooperative boards, lenders, investors, and regulatory agencies for the purpose of reporting and compliance.

Manufactured Housing & Cooperative Development Community Organizer / Technical Assistance Provider 

The principal tasks of the MHCDC Organizer and Technical Assistance Manager are to organize the tenants of manufactured housing communities, to train them to operate a business (resident- owned cooperative) and to help residents understand the responsibilities and duties required to own and operate their community. In addition, this position will also help work with the Manufactured Housing team to coordinate all post-purchase activities in the manufactured housing communities that CASA assists and will help ensure that each resident-owned community in their portfolio receives timely and appropriate technical assistance, as well as provide guidance to the cooperatives in compliance issues. This position requires extensive travel throughout the state to meetings both during the day and evenings and in addition requires a valid Driver’s License as well as access to reliable transportation.

Real Estate Development Program Manager

The Real Estate Development Program Manager is responsible for the development of multi-family housing, single-family housing and community facility projects for CASA and helps determine the course of CASA’s development program.  The Real Estate Development Program Manager also directs and facilitates activities from pre development through lease-up or sale.