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Enroll IDA Clients

Individual Development Accounts (IDAs) enable individuals and households with limited financial resources to save and build assets at an accelerated pace while developing good financial habits. By enrolling in an IDA program with one of our partner agencies, making regular monthly deposits, and completing financial education an individual saver gains access to match funds.

IDAs can be used to achieve the following life goals: post-secondary college education or job training, homeownership, home rehabilitation or repair, small business start-up or expansion, purchasing a vehicle, securing a rental, saving for retirement, and assisitve technology or specialized training.

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Community Loan Fund

CASA of Oregon received certification as a Community Development Financial Institution (CDFI) from the US Treasury in 2000. Originally designed to address the predevelopment funding needs of non-profit organizations developing affordable housing and community facilities, our CDFI has since expanded to include construction and …

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Build Affordable Housing & Facilities

The Real Estate  Development Department partners with local community organizations and nonprofit housing sponsors to improve the stock of affordable rental housing and neighborhood community centers. We believe that shelter is a basic necessity and that life is better and easier when people have access to quality affordable shelter with community facilities located near-by.

CASA of Oregon is recognized as an innovative and effective developer of affordable housing. Partnerships facilitate development of headstart facilities, medical clinics and community centers. We work with sponsor agencies to ensure mission-critical construction and rehabilitation projects are well planned, completely funded, and managed responsibly.

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