How We Build Community

Our Programs

Real Estate Development (RED)

Housing and Facilities Development

CASA partners with local community organizations to improve and increase the stock of affordable rental housing and neighborhood community centers. Recognized nationwide as an innovative and effective developer of farmworker and rural housing, we have constructed nearly 1,000 new and renovated over 600 housing units.

Manufactured Housing Cooperative Development

CASA delivers technical assistance and helps homeowners navigate purchasing their manufactured home communities by securing the financing needed to shape their economic futures through the formation of resident owned cooperatives (ROC). Since 2008, we have converted 14 communities, representing 871 manufactured homes across Oregon.

Community Loan Fund

CASA received certification as a Community Development Financial Institution (CDFI) from the US Treasury in 2000. Originally designed to address the predevelopment funding needs of non-profit organizations developing affordable housing and community facilities, our nearly $10 million CDFI expanded to include construction and permanent financing.

Family Economic Opportunity Program

CASA provides administrative services and fiduciary oversight for Individual Development Accounts (IDAs) in the Northwest. IDAs are offered by community-based organizations, housing authorities and educational institutions that provide support for individual participants. Our program partners work directly with individuals and households with limited financial resources, providing training and saver support to help build financial resiliency. Our more than 70 community partners have leveraged nearly $180 million in purchased assets helping more than 4,000 savers become homeowners, college graduates and business owners.