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Individual Development Accounts

Individual Development Accounts (IDAs) enable individuals and households with limited financial resources to save and build assets at an accelerated pace while developing good financial habits. By enrolling in an IDA program with one of our partner agencies, making regular monthly deposits, and completing financial education an individual saver gains access to match funds.

IDAs can be used to achieve the following life goals: post-secondary college education or job training, homeownership, home rehabilitation or repair, small business start-up or expansion, purchasing a vehicle, securing a rental, saving for retirement, and assisitve technology or specialized training.

E3 College Savings Plan

Match College Savings Plan

Vida Savings For Life


Housing Programs

Affordable Housing & Facilities

The Real Estate Development Department partners with local community organizations and nonprofit housing sponsors to expand and improve the stock of affordable rental housing and neighborhood community centers.

Manufactured Housing Cooperative Development (MHCD) Center

CASA of Oregon’s MHCD Center is one of nine Certified Technical Assistance Providers under the national ROC USA™ network. ROC USA™ and its affiliate are non-profits with over 25 years of experience assisting with specialized purchase financing for resident cooperative corporations.